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Freelance Work

When the day is ending, my work is just beginning.

It all started as a way for me to help pay for car parts and track days. Several years and nine regular clients later, I have a thriving side business creating and executing marketing for aftermarket automotive firms and several other companies.

From websites, CPC banners, social media and eblasts to printed catalogs, postcards and sell sheets, I've created a wide range of marketing for my clients.

I provide full service marketing, personally developing plans, concepting ideas, designing materials, copywriting messages, coding HTML, shooting photographs, buying and placing media, and more. When I can't personally do it myself, I have a long list of service providers such as offset and digital printers, video production houses, email and texting providers, mail houses and more of which I have strong working relationships.

Below is some of the work I have done for a few of my clients. I like to think that my freelance work shows that I don't take the easy way out. That I am always looking to better myself and go beyond what is expected.

Racecomp Engineering

Front cover of the RCE 2010 Product Catalog

Racecomp Engineering (RCE), based out of Maryland, retails and manufactures aftermarket automotive parts. I have helped RCE build their brand and better reach their customers thorough web banners, product catalogs, ROP magazine ads and more. My marketing has resulted in measurable sales increases and increased brand experience.


TurnInConcepts Thank You Card

TurnInConcepts (TiC) gave me the inspiration to start freelancing back in 2005. With their patronage, I was able to gain experience and grow my client list. To help TiC increase sales, gain repeat business and attract new customers I created direct mail cards, ROP magazine ads, web banners and flyers. With my help, TiC has become a top manufacturer for aftermarket Subaru parts. TiC is based in Ohio.



GrimmSpeed came to me looking for some help with the digital marketing of their aftermarket automotive parts business based out of Minnesota. (Notice the pattern?) I created an enewsletter template, text-based SEM ads and weekly AdWords banners for GrimmSpeed. My banners have recorded significant click through rates, and because of this, cost per click has been cut in half and clicks have doubled.

P&L Motorsports

P&L Motorsports

P&L Motorsports is a local performance automotive shop that produces some of the fastest Subarus in the nation. I have helped P&L create a wide range of marketing materials, from direct mail and brochures to enewsletters and websites.